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The Serpent and the Serpent Slayer - Short Studies in Biblical Theology - Paperback

Andrew David Naselli

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Part of Biblical Theology series.

Serpent and dragon, themes traced through both Testaments, reveal our profound fascination with the ultimate story—the epic struggle between God’s offspring and the serpent’s offspring, a captivating narrative celebrated in the ultimate victory of Jesus as the serpent slayer over the devouring dragon in Revelation.

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Exploring the Theme of Serpents and Dragons in the Bible

We’ve all heard this story: the hero fights a dragon in an epic battle, and just as it appears the dragon is going to prevail, the hero saves the day. Best-selling novels and blockbuster movies are filled with this type of story, but did you know that this is the main theme of the Bible too?

Tracing the theme of serpents and dragons through both Testaments, trusted scholar Andrew David Naselli demonstrates that these stories reflect our desire to know the ultimate story—the struggle between God’s offspring and the offspring of the serpent. As we come to experience this captivating, unifying narrative, we will rejoice in the ultimate victory of Jesus—the serpent slayer—over the devouring dragon in Revelation.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Why Do We Love Dragon-Slaying Stories?

Chapter 1: The Deceitful Snake in Genesis 3
Chapter 2: Snakes and Dragons between the Bible’s Bookends: Part 1: The Good, the Bad, and the Ultimate Serpent
Chapter 3: Snakes and Dragons between the Bible’s Bookends: Part 2: Six Offspring of the Serpent
Chapter 4: The Devouring Dragon in Revelation 12 and 20
Conclusion: How Should We Live in Light of the Story of the Serpent and the Serpent Slayer?

Appendix: How Often Does the Bible Explicitly Mention Serpents?


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