Biblical Theology - How the Church Faithfully Teaches the Gospel - Hardback

Nick Roark, Robert Cline


Part of Building Healthy Churches series.

In response to various kinds of false teaching around the world, this book is an exhortation for churches to use biblical theology to help guard the true gospel.

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Guarding the Truth: A Call to Biblical Theology in Church Teaching

Every week, many churches around the world read the Bible but miss the main point—and end up teaching false gospels week in and week out. One of the most important safeguards against this danger is an understanding of biblical theology: reading the Bible in light of its main message, culminating in Jesus Christ.

Starting with a framework for understanding the storyline of the Bible and then explaining basic principles for prioritizing the teaching of this message, this book aims to help churches guard the truth of the gospel.

Table of Contents

Series Preface

  1. The Need for Biblical Theology
  2. What Is Biblical Theology?
  3. What Is the Bible’s Big Story? Part 1
  4. What Is the Bible’s Big Story? Part 2
  5. Biblical Theology Shapes a Church’s Teaching
  6. Biblical Theology Shapes a Church’s Mission

Appendix: Additional Biblical-Theological Examples Notes
Recommended Resources
General Index
Scripture Index


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