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The Person of Christ: An Introduction - Short Studies in Systematic Theology - Paperback

Stephen J. Wellum

Part of Systematic Theology series.


From beginning to end, Scripture unveils from shadow to reality that Jesus is God the Son incarnate.

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Some people think of Jesus as a great prophet or a wise philosopher; others see him as an important religious leader or even a revolutionary. In this addition to the Short Studies in Systematic Theology series, Stephen Wellum challenges these claims as he argues for the divinity of Jesus according to Scripture and in line with creedal Christianity. In this brief introduction, we are invited to rejoice in the centrality of Christ—who as both God and man reconciles us to God.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Who Do You Say That Jesus Is?

Part 1: Biblical Foundations: Understanding the Identity of Christ
Chapter 1: Approaching Scripture on Its Own Terms to Identify Christ
Chapter 2: The Identity of Christ from the Bible’s Storyline
Chapter 3: Who Does Jesus Say That He Is?
Chapter 4: The New Testament Witness to Christ

Part 2: Theological Formulation: The Establishment of Christological Orthodoxy
Chapter 5: The Road to the Chalcedonian Definition of Christ
Chapter 6: Post-Chalcedonian Clarifications regarding Christ
Chapter 7: Current Challenges to Christological Orthodoxy

Part 3: Theological Summary: The Orthodox Identity of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Chapter 8: Jesus as God the Son Incarnate
Chapter 9: Recovering the Centrality of Christ


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