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Who Is Jesus? - Hardback

Greg Gilbert


Designed for non-Christians and new Christians alike, this succinct book examines the extraordinary life and remarkable teachings of the most important figure in history: Jesus Christ.

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A famed historian once noted that, regardless of what you think of him personally, Jesus Christ stands as the central figure in the history of Western civilization. A man violently rejected by some and passionately worshipped by others, Jesus remains as polarizing as ever. But most people still know very little about who he really was, why he was really here, or what he really claimed.

Intended as a succinct introduction to Jesus’s life, words, and enduring significance, Who Is Jesus? offers non-Christians and new Christians alike a compelling portrait of Jesus Christ. Ultimately, this book encourages readers to carefully consider the history-shaping life and extraordinary teachings of the greatest man who ever lived.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Trip Lee

  1. What Do You Think?
  2. An Extraordinary Man, and Then Some
  3. King of Israel, King of Kings
  4. The Great “I AM”...
  5. ...Is One of Us
  6. The Triumph of the Last Adam
  7. Lamb of God, Sacrifice for Man
  8. Resurrected and Reigning Lord

A Final Word: Who Do You Say He Is?


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  • Pages : 144
  • Publisher : For The Truth
  • ISBN : 9781433543500

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