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Resurrection Hope and the Death of Death - Short Studies in Biblical Theology - Paperback

Mitchell L. Chase

Part of Biblical Theology series.


Mitchell L. Chase traces the theme of resurrection hope throughout Scripture, explaining how an understanding of the resurrection is essential to faith now, in addition to a longing for what is to come.

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Resurrection Hope and the Death of Death

Death is a powerful and sobering reality. While everyone must face death, it is not the end for those united with Christ. Followers of Jesus Christ have resurrection hope—the proclamation that Christ has defeated death and the promise that believers shall share in his victory. The resurrection is essential to the Christian faith and is rooted in the faithfulness of God.

With scholarly insight, Mitchell L. Chase traces the theme of resurrection hope throughout Scripture, walking through each section of the Bible from the Law to Revelation. Having a proper understanding of death and resurrection will not only stir up our soberness for the reality of sin and death, but it will also motivate our praise to God. BIBLICAL THEOLOGY / RESURRECTION

Table of Contents

Series Preface

Chapter 1: Resurrection Hope in the Law
Chapter 2: Resurrection Hope in the Prophets
Chapter 3: Resurrection Hope in the Writings
Chapter 4: Resurrection Hope in the Gospels
Chapter 5: Resurrection Hope in Acts
Chapter 6: Resurrection Hope in the Letters
Chapter 7: Resurrection Hope in Revelation

For Further Reading
General Index
Scripture Index


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