Understanding Baptism

Bobby Jamieson


Part of Church Basics series.

Understanding Baptism: This short work provides a biblical explanation of baptism.

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Understanding Baptism: Exploring its Significance and Practice

What’s the big deal about baptism?  Jesus commands his disciples to be baptized, and it’s a glorious picture of a person’s union with Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. Still, many Christians feel unclear about the topic, having more questions than answers. This short work provides a biblical explanation of baptism. What is it? Who should be baptized? Why is it required for church membership? And how should churches practice baptism?

Table of Contents

Church Basics Series Preface v
Introduction 1

Chapter 1 What Is Baptism? 5
Chapter 2 Who Should Be Baptized? 17
Chapter 3 What about Infant Baptism? 23
Chapter 4 Why Is Baptism Required for Church Membership? 43
Chapter 5 When Is "Baptism" Not Baptism? 53
Chapter 6 How Should Churches Practice Baptism? 63
Notes 72
Scripture Index 73


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