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Corporate Worship - How the Church Gathers as God's People - Hardback

Matt Merker

Part of Building Healthy Churches series.


In this addition to the 9Marks Building Healthy Churches series, Matt Merker explores the biblical understanding of corporate worship as an activity where God gathers the church by his grace, unto his glory, for their mutual good, and before the world’s gaze.

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Christians worship God at church every week, but many don’t know exactly what worship is or why they do it. For some, it’s a warm-up for the sermon. For others, it’s a “me-and-Jesus” moment. What is the biblically informed way to view corporate worship?

In this book, Matt Merker shows that corporate worship is the gathering of God’s people by his grace, for his glory, for their good, and before a watching world. He offers biblical insights and practical suggestions for making worship what it truly is meant to be: a foretaste of God’s people worshiping together for eternity in the new creation.

Table of Contents

Series Preface
Special Thanks

Chapter 1: Who Gathers?
Chapter 2: Must We Gather?
Chapter 3: Why Does God Gather Us?
Chapter 4: What Should We Do When We Gather?
Chapter 5: How Should We Order the Gathering?
Chapter 6: How Does the Whole Church Participate in the Gathering?
Chapter 7: How Does the Whole Church Participate in Congregational Singing?

Appendix: Sample Orders of Service
General Index
Scripture Index


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