The Son of God and the New Creation - Short Studies in Biblical Theology - Paperback

Graeme Goldsworthy


Part of Biblical Theology series.

In this volume, renowned Bible scholar Graeme Goldsworthy traces the theme of divine sonship from Adam, through the nation of Israel and King David, and ultimately to Jesus Christ—the “Son of God” par excellence.

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Exploring Divine Sonship in Scripture: The Son of God

The theme of divine sonship stretches across the pages of the Bible: from Adam in the garden of Eden, through the nation of Israel and King David, and ultimately to Jesus Christ in the New Jerusalem—the Son of God par excellence. In this volume, renowned biblical scholar Graeme Goldsworthy shows what Christ’s fulfillment of the divine sonship motif means for all who are sons and daughters of God.

Table of Contents

Series Preface

Thematic Studies: A Biblical-Theological Approach
Jesus the Son of God: The New Testament Testimony
Adam the Son of God: The Old Testament Testimony
Son of God and Sons of God
For Further Reading
General Index
Scripture Index


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