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Examining Counterfeit & Authentic Conversion

Many churchgoers may claim to believe in Christ but they may not be authentic Christians. Their faith is skin-deep and without a real heart transformation. It is built on the gains of worldly success, material prosperity, personal happiness, health, and earthly blessings.


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C. STEPHEN DAVID is blessed to be a child of God and a servant of Christ Jesus. Having done his studies in theology and counseling, Stephen currently serves as an elder/shepherd of the Ekklesia Evangelical Fellowship. He oversees the pastoral training ministry, TENTS, and is the author of “Christ, Caste & Church“. He makes his home in Hyderabad, India, with his wife, Chaithanya, and two sons.

Today, we face the famine of preaching of the true gospel and genuine conversions. Who then is the authentic Christian, genuinely converted? This book faithfully communicates the message of the gospel and shows the evidence of biblical salvation.




Living As a Counterfeit Christian
Part One: Understanding Salvation
1. The Wrong Concepts of Salvation
2. The Wages of Sin
3. The Wrath of God
4. The Web of Satan
Part Two: Providence of Salvation
5. The Author of Salvation
6. Salvation from Sin’s Wages
7. Salvation from God’s Wrath
8. Salvation from Satan’s Web
Part Three: Receiving Salvation
9. Salvation by Grace
10. Salvation Through Faith
11. Salvation Through Repentance
Part Four: Evidencing Salvation
12. Signs of Salvation
13. Called to Godliness
14. Divine Power for Godly Living
15. Making Every Effort to Grow in Godliness
16. Reflecting Godly Qualities – Part One
17. Reflecting Godly Qualities – Part Two
18. Growing in Godly Qualities
19. Confirming Salvation
20. Fruitful, Persevering & Rewarding Christian Life

Nothing Left Unsaid
Appendix 1: To Be Born-Again Is to Be Born into New Life
Appendix 2: The Corinthian Dilemma

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About the Author
C. Stephen David

C. Stephen David

Child of the Living God, husband to Chaithanya, papa to Joy and Joe, elder of EKKLESIA EVANGELICAL FELLOWSHIP Church, lives in Hyderabad, India
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  1. Ved Prakash

    This book is very encouraging and challenging for Christians. this book helps us to think about our daily lives in Christ.

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