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The caste system in India is a prevalent social evil, which has not only caused enormous damage to the welfare of the Indian society but also plagued the churches in India.


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Stephen argues in this book that the teachings of Christ and the institution of caste are diametrically opposed. He has built a compelling case by showing the origin and the nature of the caste system, evidencing a biblical response to the caste system, and providing practical measures to eradicate casteism in local churches.

C. STEPHEN DAVID is blessed to be a child of God and a servant of Christ Jesus. Having done his studies in theology and counseling, Stephen currently serves as an elder/shepherd of the Ekklesia Evangelical Fellowship. He oversees the pastoral training ministry, TENTS, and is the author of “Authentic Christian“. He makes his home in Hyderabad, India, with his wife, Chaithanya, and two sons.



Foreword Why I Wrote This Book Part One: The Origin And Nature Of The Caste System 1. Hierarchy 2. Heredity 3. Endogamy 4. Definite Occupation 5. Social Restrictions 6. Annihilation of Caste Part Two: The Biblical Response To The Caste System 7. The Image of God 8. The Depravity of Man 9. The Atonement of Christ 10. The Family of God 11. Love One Another 12. Humility 13. Do Not Copy the World Part Three: Practical Measures To Abolish Casteism In the Church 14. Sound Teaching of God’s Word 15. Creating a Christ-focused Culture 16. Encouraging Casteless Marriages 17. Cultivating the Habit of Fellowship Meals 18. Practicing Church Discipline 19. Becoming a Difference Maker 20. Questions & Answers

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  1. Ved Prakash

    This is very good book to understand caste system and how its function. Author biblically points us to Christ why we should not apply caste system in our Churches today.

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Christ, Caste & Church



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