5 Things to Pray for the People You Love

Prayers that change things for your friends and family

Transform your prayer life with fresh prayer ideas for your friends and family, all taken from the Bible.

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We love our friends and family, and we long for God to be working in their lives. But when it comes to praying for them, often we don’t quite know what to ask for. Or our requests to God on their behalf feel shallow, repetitive and stuck in a rut.

That’s where this little book is designed to help. It will equip you to pray powerful prayers for the people you love—prayers that really change things, because they’re based on God’s word.

Each spread takes a passage of Scripture and suggests 5 things to pray for a person in your life. Because when we pray in line with God’s priorities as found in his word, our prayers are powerful and effective (James 5 v 16)—and that’s a truly thrilling prospect.

Use this book in any number of ways: work through it as part of your daily quiet time, or pick it up whenever someone you know is in particular need of prayer.


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  • Praying for the people in your life
  • 1. A Christian parent
  • 2. A wife
  • 3. A husband
  • 4. A baby
  • 5. A school-aged child
  • 6. A teenager
  • 7. An elderly relative
  • 8. A neighbor
  • 9. My colleagues
  • 10. A non-Christian friend
  • 11. A Christian friend
  • Praying through life’s ups and downs
  • 12. A Christian going through a hard time
  • 13. A Christian who is sick
  • 14. A Christian struggling with sin
  • 15. A loved one making a decision
  • 16. A loved one changing jobs or location
  • 17. Praying when someone you love has died trusting in Christ
  • 18. Praying when someone you love has died not trusting in Christ
  • Seasonal prayers
  • 19. A loved one on their birthday
  • 20. A loved one at Christmas
  • 21. A loved one at Easter time

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5 Things to Pray for the People You Love



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