The Doctrine of Scripture: An Introduction

A Clear and Concise Exploration of the Christian Doctrine of Scripture

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The Bible is the written word of the living God. He speaks through this word, working in and through human agents as he reveals himself to his people. His word is trustworthy, yet many Christians struggle to articulate why they believe that to be true. Centered in the words of Scripture and especially the teaching of Jesus himself, this volume unpacks the doctrine of Scripture as taught by the church through the ages, helping to strengthen readers’ confidence in God’s word.

Despite the challenges that are often leveled against the Bible, Thompson clearly articulates what Jesus taught about the Scriptures, how God speaks to his people through the written word, the crucial work of the Holy Spirit to apply the word, and the vital attributes of Scripture—its clarity, truthfulness, sufficiency, and efficacy. Readers will find encouragement to walk according to the word and to delight in the God who speaks.

Concise and Accessible: Intended for use by church members and leaders as well as those in academic contexts
Christ-Centered: Rooted in Jesus’s own words about the Old Testament and his commissioning of the apostles who would go on to write the New Testament
Addresses Common Questions: Answers challenges about the Bible’s clarity,



Series Preface
Introduction: How Do We Give an Account of the Doctrine of Scripture?

Chapter 1: Jesus and Scripture: The Christian Starting Point for Understanding Revelation and the Bible
Chapter 2: The Speaking God
Chapter 3: From the Speech of God to “the Word of God Written”
Chapter 4: The Character of Scripture (Part 1): Clarity and Truthfulness
Chapter 5: The Character of Scripture (Part 2): Sufficiency and Efficacy
Chapter 6: Reading the Bible as a Follower of Jesus

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General Index
Scripture Index

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About the Author
Mark D. Thompson

Mark D. Thompson

(DPhil, University of Oxford) is the principal of Moore Theological College in Sydney, Australia, where he has been teaching Christian doctrine for thirty years. He is the chair of the Sydney Diocesan Doctrine Commission and a member of the GAFCON Theological Resource Group. He is the author of A Clear and Present Word. Mark is married to Kathryn, and they have four daughters.
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