Relationships – How Do I Make Things Right?

We all have relationships – with parents, siblings, partners, friends. And all of our relationships are, in some way, broken. We mess things up, they mess things up, people get hurt. The Bible has a lot to say about how we should relate to other people, how to make things right when we’ve done something stupid and what we should do when someone has hurt us. But most importantly it tells us to make sure that our relationship with Jesus comes first, and that everything else flows from there.

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So excited to see a series of books written for the purpose of discipling unchurched new believers!  Dickens writes in an easy–to–read, conversational style that presents Biblical truth in a highly applicable manner.  Developing a Biblical worldview concerning our relationships is a must for all of us, especially those who are new to the faith.

— John C. Kwasny (Director of Discipleship Ministries, Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church, Ridgeland, Mississippi)

I thoroughly recommend Sharon Dickens new book about how we as Christians are to get on with other people. It talks about how we relate as families, neighbours and close friends and even delves into dating and marriage. It is honest about the struggles and the challenges and gives clear applications of Bible texts and gospel principles. It is packed with illustrations and an example character, Biddy, who pops us in each chapter. The language is straightforward and easy to understand for people who have recently come to faith, especially if they don’t have a church background and vocabulary. At the heart of the book is Jesus, the most important relationship of all.

— Graham Nicholls (Director, Affinity, Cambridge, UK)


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Sharon Dickens

Sharon Dickens

Sharon Dickens has worked in the community for over 28 years. Sharon has two grown up children. She has been on staff at Niddrie Community Church for over 11 years, and since 2012 has been working with 20schemes, speaking, teaching, training and mentoring women in the schemes and internationally.
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