Character – How Do I Change? - Paperback

Sharon Dickens


Part of First Steps series.

So, you’ve heard the Gospel, you’ve accepted Jesus as your saviour, you’re going to Church regularly – you’re definitely a Christian, but you don’t feel like you’re acting like one. The other Christians you know all seem to have it together but how do you get to that point? Even though none of us will be perfect in this life, we can grow to be more and more like Jesus. This book will tell you how.

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I really like Sharon’s book. I like that it comprehensively teaches and applies one important verse. I like that it encourages Scripture memorisation. I like that it feels real and relevant, rather than the kind of thing written by someone who lives in a bubble. Most of all, I liked it because it helped me grow as a Christian and be more like the Saviour that both Sharon and I love.

— Adrian Reynolds (Director of Ministry, The Proclamation Trust )

This book packs a ton of wisdom, help, and humor into a small space. Sharon does a great job showing that when we understand God’s love, it transforms us so that we look more like Jesus. As I read, I found myself challenged and helped to be more loving, joyful, patient, and gentle. I plan to use this book with a new Christian this week!

— Mike McKinley (Senior Pastor, Sterling Park Baptist Church, Virginia)

Table of Contents

Preface 7
Series Introduction 10
Meet Jackie 12
Chapter 1 All We Need Is Love, Right? 15
Chapter 2 We're Little Bundles Of Joy, Right? 27
Chapter 3 Give Peace A Chance 37
Chapter 4 Don't Put The Cart Before The Horse: Patience 47
Chapter 5 We Catch More Flies With Honey 57
Chapter 6 We Are Made For Goodness 67
Chapter 7 Love Makes Faithfulness Easy, Right? 77
Chapter 8 Being Gentle Means We're Just Weak, Right? 89
Chapter 9 Doing What's Needed Even When You Don't Want To: Self-Control 97
Conclusion 107


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