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Covenanting with Christ?s Church

9 Biblical reasons why You should commit to a Local Church



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Covenanting with Christ’s Church

Today’s ecclesiastical landscape has relegated the Biblical concepts of the ‘local church ‘ to merely a place where Christians go to on Sundays and ‘church commitment’ to be increasingly me-centric and benefit-oriented. Amidst this saddening and majoritarian trend, Stephen David issues a bold and impassioned plea for a radical return to the apostolic portrait of the covenantal bond between Christians and the local church. The covenant not just mirrors scripture through and through, it practically demonstrates how the saints are truly edified and didactically proves how Christ is truly glorified! Dive in and explore the beautiful design that Christ has for His covenant communities!




1. Why Covenanting with Christ’s Church Is Essential?
2. Covenanting to Follow Christ, the Head of the Church
3. Covenanting to Be a Part of a Specific Local Church
4. Covenanting to Meet Physically and Regularly with the Church
5. Covenanting with the Church to Practice Biblical Regulations
6. Covenanting with the Church to Practice Biblical Virtues
7. Covenanting to Be Morally Accountable to the Church
8. Covenanting to Serve the Local Church
9. Covenanting with the Church to Guard the Gospel
10. Covenanting with the Church to Be a Part of its Mission
11. Why People don’t Covenant with the Church?

Appendix 1: How We Practice Church Covenant?
Appendix 2: How to Choose a Good Church?
Appendix 3: Why Your Local Church Should Be

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C. Stephen David

C. Stephen David

C. STEPHEN DAVID is blessed to be a child of God and a servant of Christ Jesus. Having done his studies in theology and counseling, Stephen currently serves as an elder/shepherd of the Ekklesia Evangelical Fellowship. He oversees the pastoral training ministry, TENTS, and is the author of "Authentic Christian". He makes his home in Hyderabad, India, with his wife, Chaithanya, and two sons.
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