Deacons - How They Serve and Strengthen the Church - Hardback

Matt Smethurst


Part of Building Healthy Churches series.

In Deacons: How They Serve and Strengthen the Church, Matt Smethurst makes the case that deacons are model servants who rise to meet tangible needs in congregational life.

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Understanding the Role of Deacons in the Church

Deacons are essential to a church’s health—yet confusion abounds regarding their biblical job description. What’s their God-given role in a local congregation and how do they relate to the church’s overall mission?

In this short book, Matt Smethurst makes the case that deacons are model servants called to meet tangible needs, organize and mobilize acts of service, preserve the unity of the flock, and support the ministry of the elders. Clearing away common misconceptions, Smethurst offers practical guidance for deploying deacons and helping churches to flourish.

Table of Contents

Series Preface
Introduction: "At Your Service"

Chapter 1: The Backstory and the Blunders: How Deacons Have Functioned
Chapter 2: The Blueprint: Where Deacons Began
Chapter 3: The Baselines: What Deacons Must Be
Chapter 4: The Breakdown: What Deacons Must Do
Chapter 5: The Benefits: What Deacons Provide
Chapter 6: The Beauty: Who Deacons Reflect

Conclusion: Deacons Are Difference-Makers
Appendix 1: May Women Serve as Deacons?
Appendix 2: Sample Questions for Deacon Candidates
General Index
Scripture Index


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