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The Message of Colossians & Philemon - Paperback

Dick Lucas

Part of The Bible Speaks Today series.

Revised Bible Speaks Today volume examines Paul’s letter to the Colossians, addressing false teaching and emphasizing the sufficiency of Christ for the church today.

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Even healthy churches are never completely immune to the intellectual and spiritual pressures of their time. The church in Colossae was no exception. False teaching shaped by the spirit of the age was rising within the community, suggesting that a fuller knowledge and freedom was available beyond what ordinary Christians had experienced. Paul’s response was adamant: all God’s fullness is in Christ alone, and everyone who is in Christ shares in his triumph.

The epistle to the Colossians is filled with teachings and warnings that are relevant to the church in every era. In this revised Bible Speaks Today volume, Dick Lucas identifies key themes of Paul’s letter and considers applications for today. Guiding readers through each passage, Lucas explores the great truths of the faith packed into Colossians: freedom, victory over evil, knowledge of God, unity, and other aspects of the riches available in Christ.

This new edition of a classic BST volume includes a new interior design, lightly updated language, and updated Scripture quotations throughout.

Table of Contents

The letter to the Colossians
1. But why did he write? (1:1–2)
2. True Christians and the true gospel (1:3–8)
3. Be filled for this (1:9–14)
4. Christ, supreme Lord and sufficient Saviour (1:15–20)
5. Stable and steadfast (1:21–23)
6. Apostolic ministry (1:24–29)
7. Apostolic concerns (2:1–5)
8. This way ahead (2:6–7)
9. No return to slavery (2:8–15)
10. Shadows and substance (2:16–17)
11. Dealing with robbers (2:18–19)
12. Why submit? (2:20–23)
13. The Christian and Christ (3:1–8)
14. The Christian and the local church (3:9–17)
15. The Christian at home (3:18–21)
16. The Christian at work (3:22—4:1)
17. The Christian and the outsider (4:2–6)
18. Final greetings and instructions (4:7–18)


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