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A Simple Guide to Getting the Most from the Bible

How to read and understand the Bible.


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The Bible is the most extraordinary book you’ll ever read; it’s how God speaks directly to us and how his Spirit works to change us. But it can seem intimidating, confusing and even a little bit boring.

In this book, Gary Millar shows you that the skills you need to read the Bible are not beyond your grasp. In a warm, approachable style, he gives you the tools to read and understand the Bible for yourself, helping you move from confusion to confidence as you enjoy refreshment in God’s word.

Whether you are a new believer and don’t know where to start or you have been a Christian for a while but have never got into a regular habit of Bible reading, this book will equip you to get going. As you read the Bible, you will hear God speak, and you will be changed to be more like Jesus. Don’t miss out!

Gary Millar is the Principal of Queensland Theological College in Brisbane, and head of The Gospel Coalition Australia.


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Why Bother with the Bible?

Learning to Read

What’s the Vibe?

You Know What I Mean?

King Context

It’s Not about Me (Although It Is)

Over to You

Appendix: What Is the Bible?

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About the Author
Gary Millar

Gary Millar

Gary Millar is the the Principal of Queensland Theological College and the co-founder and Chair of The Gospel Coalition Australia. After studying chemistry in his home city of Belfast, he moved to Aberdeen in Scotland to study theology, before completing a D.Phil at Oxford on Deuteronomy. Gary worked as a pastor for the next 17 years in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and was involved in both church revitalisation and church planting, before moving to Brisbane to lead the team at QTC.
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