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Five Points: Towards a Deeper Experience of God?s Grace - Paperback

John Piper


Five Points: Towards a Deeper Experience of God’s Grace” by John Piper explores the theological concepts of Calvinism’s five points, aiming to deepen readers’ understanding of God’s grace in the Christian journey.

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Reflections on Grace: Exploring the Depths of God’s Heart

Grace is the heart of God to do you good when you deserve it least. But do we know how deeply we don’t deserve it? Only God can reveal that to us. He does it through the Bible. And when he does, the wonders of his grace explode with brightness as never before. These Five Points are about how Christians come into being, and how we are kept forever. It reaches back into times past when we were freely chosen. It reaches forward into the future when we will be safe and happy forever. It reaches down into the mysteries of the work of Christ, purchasing the gift of faith for all God’s children. And it reaches into the human soul, glimpsing the mysteries of the Spirit’s work as he conquers all our rebellion and makes us willing captives of King Jesus.

Piper believes that our experience of grace grows with our grasp of God’s gracious work. He invites us to come with him on this quest.


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  • Author : John Piper
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