Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer Family Bible Devotional - 15 Days Exploring How We Can Talk with God - Paperback

Katy Morgan


Part of Tales that Tell the Truth series.

Prayer, Bible Devotional, and Family Connection are the core elements that make “Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer Family Bible Devotional” an invaluable resource for nurturing spiritual growth and unity among family members.

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Family Prayer Journey: Exploring the Story of Prayer in the Bible

This devotional is a chance to take your family on a journey through the story of prayer in the Bible. It is based on the popular storybook by Laura Wifler, co-founder of Risen Motherhood, which explores prayer: from the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve talked with God face to face, through Old Testament examples and the teaching of Jesus, all the way to the promise of the new creation, where we’ll dwell with God forever.

These 10-minute devotions are designed to be easy to lead and fun to do. They will help your family learn to pray with confidence, at any time, in any place. They are ideal for kids aged 5-11.

Each one of the 15 devotions includes:
• A short opening prayer
• A starter question
• a short Bible passage, printed in full
• Two questions about the passage
• A short explanation that can be read aloud
• Two reflection questions (Usually one is simpler and the other requires more thought. Feel free to just pick one!)
• A prayer idea
• An optional extra section that goes deeper, aimed at older or more confident children

In addition, there are simple, creative reflection ideas as well as bonus puzzles and coloring activities.

Explore, reflect, and grow together as you and your family are encouraged to pray more often, more joyfully, and with more confidence in Jesus.

Table of Contents

  • A Note from Laura
    Before You Start
    1. A Beautiful Garden
    2. Spoiled
    3. God Always Hears Us
    4. Thank You!
    5. Please!
    6. Sorry!
    7. Help!
    8. The Son Who Never Sinned
    9. Jesus and His Father
    10. Jesus' Model Prayer
    11. Closer Than Ever
    12. Back Together
    13. Face to Face
    14. In the Meantime…
    15. Knowing God's Nearness


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