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Always Be Ready - A Premier On Defending The Christian Faith


Always Be Ready – A Premier On Defending The Christian Faith


Once for all delivered to the saints? is a job too important to leave to the professionals, and with the very popular New Atheists bringing issues of religious truth back into the public square, a simple layman’s primer on defending the Christian faith is in order. Dr. John Warwick  Montgomery, “with more degrees than a thermometer,” has once again done a masterful job of laying out, in simple terms, our hope in Christ and how that hope is rooted in the facts of history.

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Much to the dismay of its critics, defending the Christian faith does not rest on a complicated, philosophical quest nor illogical assumptions. The task of defending the Christian faith – or Christian apologetics – is for every Believer. In this easy-to-read, beginners guide to Christian apologetics, scholar and apologist Dr. John Warwick Montgomery lays the groundwork for why the case for Christianity is factually and historically compelling as well as how we should defend the faith.

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