Revelation For You

Seeing history from heaven's perspective

Expository guide to Revelation that can be read as a book; used as a devotional; and utilized in teaching and preaching

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Many Christians are confused by the book of Revelation. It moves from strange and disturbing images to warm and practical encouragement; from the fires of Hell to wonderful pictures of a glorious eternity.

And yet the message of the final book of the Bible is both clear and simple. Despite everything that is going wrong with our world, God remains in control. And when we see history, our present, and our future from heaven’s perspective, it will encourage us to trust God and remain faithful to the end.

This accessible, absorbing expository guide opens up this book for new and mature Christians alike. It is more applied than a typical commentary, making it a great resource for personal devotion, as well as useful for leading small group studies or sermon preparation.


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Introduction: Reading Revelation Today

1. The faithful witness (Chapter 1)
2. The call to conquer (2 – 3)
3. What do you see? (4 – 5)
4. The chaos of history (6 – 9)
5. Victory through suffering (10 – 11)
6. Who do you worship? (12 – 14)
7. The justice of the Lamb (15 – 16)
8. The economics of the Lamb (17:1 – 19:10)
9. The reign of the Lamb (19:11 – 21:8)
10. Where do you belong? (21:9 – 22:21)

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